Excursions: A Luxoholic’s Birthday Adventure (Loews Atlanta Hotel)

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(all images taken by Travis Levius)

My January 7th birthday was, in simplest form, amazing.  I launched the blog & website at midnight (Thursday), with uncontrollably-shaken fingers and a post-sprint heart rate.  I was so pleased to receive an overwhelming response (400+ views in one day) hours later, and I appreciate everyone that offered congrats and support for my debut!

The other amazing portion was treating myself to something special: joining a lucky group of people for an exclusive tour of a high-rise luxury hotel in Midtown Atlanta…months before it opens to the public.

Those that know me know that I’m a lux-oholic, especially with the real estate/hotel industry.  The 12th & Midtown developers set up a “Tweet-Up,” where a selected 25 guests get to tour the soon-to-be-complete Loews Hotel, as we Tweet our experience in real-time.  One lucky Twitter-er will receive a two-night stay at the grand hotel once it’s opened.

This Loews hotel will transform its brand to the vibe and cultural beats of Atlanta, where you will hear hip-hop mashes, southern rock, and jazz throughout the building.  And because Midtown is the epicenter of Atlanta’s chic & cosmopolitan community, the hotel’s design will also reflect a more modern aesthetic in the rooms.

It is a beautiful hotel…and a LARGE one.  While we kept it moving, it took us around an hour to hit all of the many key areas, including Midtown’s soon-to-be largest ballroom.

But the absolute best part of the experience: Were the unreal VIEWS.

It was a WONDERFUL experience, especially meeting really great people on the tour.

My day ended sublime with a friend treating me to a lobster, steak, and wine dinner in Decatur- Can you say, “Magnifique”?!

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  1. Keep up the great work Travis! I am very proud of you! And will be calling you about some upcoming events 😉

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