The Path: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Beyond a “Day Off”

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(photo taken by Travis Levius)

Over the years, I’ve been guilty of ignoring the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Most would admit along with me that for the most part, it’s been just “a day off” from work and school, and an excuse to go shopping or travel for 3 days.  Today, I have kindly forgiven myself of my past attitude, for with a new state of mind I’m responding to the holiday in a different light.  And I encourage you, fellow readers, to participate with me.

MLK Day is more than a holiday…it’s a DREAM day.

Do you have a lofty goal, vision, or master plan in hopes to change the world?  And if you don’t…why? 

Do you think it’s “impossible”?

“wishful thinking”?

“never been done before”?

I would love for naysayers to transport themselves back to the time of a wet-eared pastor in his 20’s, conducting underground meetings in high heat for long hours, listening to him talk about America being drastically desegregated and people of all races mingling together without contempt for one another.  No more “Colored Only” signs.  No more prohibition of college students of color.  And with a more accepting nation, possibly opening doors for America to have a future black President.

King’s lofty dream was to dramatically change the deep-rooted racial climate of America into a more accepting, equal, and just nation.  Though America is no “heaven,” it is by far a dream that has been actualized compared to his times.

King SUCCEEDED in having his dreams come true because he refused to utter the words, “impossible,” “wishful thinking,” and “never been done before.”

Today, I am profoundly reminded that our lofty dreams are not for naught.

If you have any ambitious goals, or ones you’ve discarded due to past discouragement and circumstances, I encourage you to reflect upon them, celebrate them, CERTIFY them as a reality waiting to be unraveled by time.

King’s life provided a testimony that has inspired billions over time; identify that dream inside of you today and be comforted knowing that it can be accomplished.

2 Comments on “The Path: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Beyond a “Day Off””

  1. I think it’s commendable that Dr. Martin L. King’s life is being celebrated. I think he is one of the greatest Americans since the founding of our country. I especially like the idea that his spiritual relevance is being spotlighted. He transformed our society from one permeated with racism to one in which most people regardless of their race or culture can participate.
    I once met Dr. King when I was a teenager. A local supermarket chain refused to hire black teens as bag boys and I was one of the teenagers who was not allowed to work. Dr. King and his organization SCLC led a protest/picket campaign. Dr. King spoke at a local theatre one night and I got to meet him one on one! I’ll remember the experience and what he told me forever. I tell of this chance meeting with one of the greatest heroes in American culture, in my book, “Talking Penny.”

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