Video: Monique WON at Age 14 (Press Room Video)

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It may sound strange for me to say, but Monique did NOT win the Golden Globes this week on telecast.   She actually won decades ago, but no one knew but she and her husband.

How so?  The evidence was in her acceptance speech:

I am in the MIDST of my DREAM…and when I look into the eyes of the man that I stood next to at 14 years old, and I said to him ‘One day, we’re gonna be STARS,’ and he said ‘You first.’  And we walk this red carpet tonight…”

The lesson? Our dreams don’t come true with the day see physical manifestation…it begins with our words and declarations.  Below is a video of Monique’s press session after the ceremony.  I transcribed a powerful part of the video for you to read in case you don’t have time to view the whole segment:

Journalist: “I remember you…telling me things about being younger and not having it all.  And now you seemingly are getting every dream coming your way.  But I know you’re heart is still with those girls that are 10, 12, 13, that want what you have now.  So the message to every little girl who wants the ‘Monique Dream’ what is it?”

Monique: “Dream the Impossible Dream.  And Don’t Believe the Sky is the Limit…Go Above It

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