Higher Sounds: Blue Six- Half Light

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Electronic music is as widely varied as it is misunderstood.  Many (Americans) instantly think of techno, when really the term “electronic” is one ridiculously huge umbrella of sub-genres.

Blue Six is one of my favorite electronic producers, combining elements of house, lounge, jazz, and soul to produce a cosmo-chic sound.  “Half Light” is his most “ambient” record, with vocals from deep house queen Lisa Shaw.

It’s a beautiful, comforting song about enduring the seasons and hardships that inevitably come, reminding us that pain and struggling is only temporary.  I’m putting this on the blog today because it seemed fitting with the harsh winter most of the States are experiencing- and I think it’s safe to say that everyone is anticipating for Spring to come relieve us of this frigid misery.

If you haven’t had the desire to delve into the wondrous world of electronic music, hopefully this song could be your satisfying introduction.

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