ADVENTURES! Becoming Real Housewives of Atlanta’s DeShawn Snow’s Gala Photographer

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All images taken by Travis Levius

In a Nutshell:

August 2009- 4 Months into Pursuing Photography…

ONLY 1 Month of Owning a Professional Camera

I became the main event photographer for Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Deshawn Snow.

My entire summer of 2009 was spent researching photography skills and high-profile events in Atlanta.  My eyes and ears were sensitive to any website, newsletter, magazine, or flyer that had to do with fashion shows, galas, or other events with upper crust individuals. One day in August, I picked up a small, complimentary Atlanta magazine that I never heard of (Connect) and read through until I saw a summer event listing with Deshawn Snow’s 2nd Annual Gala information.

As usual, I did extensive research to identify the coordinators and inquire about receiving a media pass to cover the event.  My main intent at that time was just to be there and take photos for my own portfolio, and of course network with the movers and shakers in the city.

August 20th, the day of the event, arrived…and in the morning I received a phone call from the lady that granted me access to take photos of DeShawn’s 2nd Annual Night of a Thousand Stars Gala.  She tells me how there was a mistake with the gala’s program because it had listed ME as the event’s main photographer/sponsor instead of just a media person.

A photographer by a different name was supposed to take care of the event and of course be appropriately listed in the program as the in-kind sponsor.  However, she said, this could potentially work out because she hasn’t been able to get in contact with that photographer so she’ll have to consider him a no-show.  And that’s when she uttered the words that sent me flying-

“Would you like to be the main photographer for the gala?”

With my mouth wide open and in total shock to receive such an offer, I answered, “Yes! Definitely!” and it was confirmed.  I remember typing a Facebook status in all caps that day saying how amazing the day was going to be, and everyone around me before heading out could tell that I was definitely excited about something.

I arrive at the Twelve Ballroom at Atlantic Station, trying to keep my composure because I’ve been on edge the entire day (both excitement and nervousness).  But one thing I already learned in that small period is that no matter how “qualified” you may or may not be…SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT.  And I did it.  I met and served the powerhouse couple DeShawn and NBA player Eric Snow as an in-kind sponsor, met and networked with successful people as I intended (including House of Payne’s Demetria McKinney and Tyler Perry’s supervising producer Roger Bobb) and did a great job with the finished photos that led to two future leads.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling what happens when you chase something you’re interested in spite of fear.

If you haven’t already, take one step…just one…towards what you are truly passionate about, and see how things move for you.  E-mail me at if you have a great testimony to tell as well …I’d love to hear your success story!

Thank you for reading.

(BTW: I ran into DeShawn Snow again recently, and I’ve got a great interview with her that will posted on the blog soon…stay tuned!)

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  1. That cupcake pic is just awesome! I loooove the angle, the focus and the way you have offset the is absolutely delectable!

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