Special: The 1-Year Anniversary of Finding My Passion! (April 9, 2010)

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Photos taken by Travis Levius

April 9, 2010 marks the 365th day of the pursuit of one of my largest passions- PHOTOGRAPHY!

Exactly one year ago, with a digital pocket camera in my hand and no technical knowledge in my head, I was inspired to do a photoshoot on some train tracks.  With the help of my budding make-up artist/model friend Jasmine Pondexter and fashion-savvy pal Raphael Coleman, the day turned from an excuse to procrastinate from college assignments to becoming one of the most pivotal moments of my young life.

Though not a “birthday” in the practical form, April 9th is truly a day of birthing for my God-given calling.  I am truly amazed how fast things have come to pass, and how my friends and supporters have held me up along the way- through encouraging words, prayer, key referrals, and even financial assistance when times were hard in recent months.  I could make a list of the people that were there with me from the beginning but there’s not enough space on the blog for me to do so!

From hobby to credits on AOL.com, from Youtube.com tutorials to assisting world-renowned portrait photographer Dawoud Bey, from pocket camera to being offered to shoot legendary singer Gladys Knight, this period could not have been more unpredictable, thrilling, swift and- above all- satisfying.

As I write this piece, I realize how “impossible” my experience sounds. As much of a dreamer as I am, I most likely would’ve never believed you if you told me I’d be doing the things I’ve done within one year’s time…and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.  Yet, what transpired has been a product of believing in NO LIMITS during the process.  I guarantee you that once you train your mind in to believing in NO LIMITS, you too will experience some extraordinary things.

Of course, I had to experience something big on my “Passion Day.” With a media clearance from ABC’s publicity coordinator, I was able to meet and interview super-comedian Steve Harvey, who knows all about the experience of believing in no limits.  I will post the interview’s content later this week, but a portion of his words fit perfectly into this important post, and this is what he wants to tell MisterLevius.com readers:

“You don’t have to know how it happens- that ain’t your job nor your business.  If you could figure out the ‘how’ to do everything, everybody would be successful.  All you have to have is the belief that it’s going to happen.  God gives you the ‘how-to.'”  –Steve Harvey, April 9, 2010

Thank you to all of the friends, family, and supporters who have made the journey the reward.

Inspire the World,

Travis Levius

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