Photo of the Day {August 11, 2010}

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Image by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

New York City this past week was…

I’d really need to devote a large amount of  time to sufficiently tell you (and show you) about my 5-day experience and what I foresee happening when I move here permanently.

What I can say is this: after some initial trepidation, I am convinced that my riskiest move thus far will be the best decision I’ll ever make.

(Stay Tuned for Photos and the Experience)

3 Comments on “Photo of the Day {August 11, 2010}”

  1. This photo captures the “jazz” of NYC-broadway. So glad to call you a friend, keep stretching your faith further and amazing results will follow. I love the lens and angles you utilize to capture-LIFE. 🙂

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