ADVENTURES! Official LONDON Fashion Week Photographer for Milan Photo Agency

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Surprise, surprise…

I woke up this morning hearing the beep of my cell phone.  For weeks I’ve concluded that I’d just be doing New York Fashion Week  due to the lack of response from the Milan agency and the lack of funds.  I then read my mobile email- it was the agency, and it read:

Hi Travis,

How are you?
Everything’s fine with your London FW accreditations 🙂
Are you ready to start New York tomorrow?
How excited I am to collaborate with you,
via Malnati, 3
20148 Milano Italy
tel. ++390240098078
That boggled my mind!  It’s starting to happen, the two things I put on my vision board is coming to a reality.
However, the challenge still persists- I need money for all of this!  The first thing I’m going to do is ask Imaxtree (the agency) if they could possibly help cover some costs for my trip, since I’m shooting for them anyway.
Believe it or not, I would’ve given up on doing all of this a few weeks ago if it wasn’t for friends and supporters, without any hesitation, proclaim “It will work out.  You will be just fine.”
I sure hope so.  Because if I pull this off and shoot New York and London Fashion Week and see my work in high-end publications when I’ve only been shooting for a year, it’ll be INSANE!!!

3 Comments on “ADVENTURES! Official LONDON Fashion Week Photographer for Milan Photo Agency”

  1. Great News! If I were rich, you’d have nothing to worry about financially. Sending good vibes and nothing but support and encouragement!

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