The Path: DEBRIEFING, “Mister Levius Does Fashion Week”

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Image by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

To anyone that may discover this website and peruse the recent New York Fashion Week images, one might automatically assume that these were done by a professional photographer with years under the belt with high-end equipment.  Or even better, these may have been taken from a major media outlet website.

If this is the case, I have some interesting news for you.

What you see on the site is a benchmark of a young man’s ambitious goal to photograph one of the world’s most exclusive events within ONE YEAR of learning how to use a DSLR camera.  When I realized I wanted to be a photographer in April 2009 (21 at the time), my photography education was tutorials and my equipment list stopped short at a Sony Cybershot digital camera, fitting snugly into my pocket.

And now, after many impossible breakthroughs and personal accomplishments in a short time, I am fulfilling one of my ultimate dreams: shooting the runways at NY (and possibly London) Fashion Week.  Though a little bruised from all the difficulties and setbacks along the way, I stand triumphant and convinced that one can truly do anything if you believe you can- and willing to work for it.

When you view these photographs, you are also viewing a real-time glimpse inside someone’s journey to success.  You are getting more than the iconic model faces of Karlie Kloss and Jordan Dunn on the catwalk- you’re seeing a clear-cut demonstration of what happens when you live an inspired life.

And to be direct, my experience from pocket camera to Fashion Week in one year would not mean much if it doesn’t inspire other people like yourself to go for their dreams…which is why I created this website.

I took the risk to go for one of my dreams…and I made it.  The second part of my dream is to shoot London Fashion Week, which happens in a few days.  It’s a more difficult goal since it will require a money level I haven’t reached yet ($500 short)- but if I’ve made things work this far, and I keep believing, you might witness a dream extended even further.

The “Support!” tab is still up for anyone to contribute to my pursuits-

I’d be so happy if you, reader, could help me carry out this amazing goal… I’m this close to getting there.

Until then, I’ll continue experiencing and photographing the remainder of New York Fashion Week- and attempt to take this all in.

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