ADVENTURES! Dream Complete: Made it to London Fashion Week!

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Surprise 🙂

I was cutting close.  Flights from NYC to London were beyond sold out, and I was already missing more than half of the Fashion Week.  Money, of course, was very tight, but thanks to the recent contributions I was able to afford what I needed for the trip (Thank You to all that helped!  I told you I wouldn’t let you down 🙂 )

Literally 7 hours before the only flight I could do to Paris, France, my friend who worked for an airline was able to get me a deeply discounted rate.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t make it, but I packed anyway “in faith”- the flight was at 11:25am but thankfully got it booked…at 2am!  Talk about things turning around in the midnight hour…

I made the flight, arrived in Paris, and had to purchase a different flight ticket to London.  Thankfully both schedules were on-time, I only had a 2-hour window to re-check in and switch airlines at Charles de Gaulle, terminal travelling, baggage claiming and all!

I made it to London’s Luton Airport, took the train to Temple Station, and hightailed myself straight to London Fashion Week with all my bags! 

Thankfully my housing host Jin (a fellow photographer and Vivienne Westwood business intern who is shooting Fashion Week as well) helped me find a storage locker across the Thames so I can shoot/move around freely.

Then…it was off to the shows making my dreams come true!

Image by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

So many things things to write…so many photos to edit and POST…but this is a quick checkpoint to show you that, bottom line, your dreams CAN turn into reality if you simply go for it.



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