2 Comments on “Photo of the Day (October 1st, 2010- London)”

  1. Your fashion photography and stills are absolutely
    beautiful. You have an amazing talent, I also know all the stars were properly aligned when you were booked for Deshawn Snow’s event. That was meant to happen. Your story is such an inspiration. I get chills just reading how things fall in your lap the way they do. Keep up the good work, you’re going to be the next Gilles Bensimon. It must be so wonderful to have a career that you love. I’m as excited as you are, keep us all posted on your adventures while in London. Much Luck – Debbie Lewis

    1. WOW…I wish there was a higher form of saying thank you- this really means a lot. I truly appreciate these words, Debbie. Best of luck with your endeavours as well!

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