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Hey Travis,

I can’t help but message you after constantly seeing all your great work since I met you… it probably seems like a long time ago considering where you have gone in a 6-month period.

While I have been writing about music and slowly working my way up through that world, I just wanted to say thanks for, in a way, opening up the doors for me to pursue photography.  Before, I never really considered becoming a photographer as a way to further improve my work–and I always looked for others to handle that portion of my concert coverage.

After being exposed to your work since, it’s made me feel more comfortable jumping in, especially doing so in a seemingly crowded field with little to no experience.  And while I’m still getting my feet wet as a photographer (I got my first SLR in July), it’s made a world of difference in such a short time.

Anyway you’re probably beyond busy right now, so I’ll keep this short. But thanks for the indirect inspiration, continue doing what you’re doing (as if you didn’t already know that).

Take care,
M. Blau



It’s amazing how things have gained steam so quickly. Since I wrote my first message to you, I purchased my first quality lenses and I shot my first show with them last week (Big Boi at the Tabernacle:  Beyond it being an awesome shoot, I was contacted by Big Boi/Outkast’s drummer about doing a photo shoot for him. Needless to say, it’s kind of overwhelming considering I’ve never done a photo shoot, nor have studio experience so far. But I guess I’ll have to roll with the punches and figure it out.

I will definitely stay in touch and really, really appreciate your support.   Odds are, you’ll probably be hearing from me with the occasional photography-related question or two!

Take care,
M. Blau


I was so honored to receive these messages; it’s a true testament to the sincere effort I put forth for others to experience the Good Life of Inspiration.  The testimonial above should preclude any assumptions that I’m just “lucky” with all that I do.

People: when you bypass fear and explore the things you love and are meant to do, doors HAVE to open!


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