Higher Sounds: Feist- Mushaboom

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I admit my late-comer ways to one of music’s most refreshing artists to come recently.  I was introduced to Feist’s music by a good friend in 2009, listening to her first album “Let it Die” (2005) in its entirety.  Instantly intrigued by her ecelectic arrangements, I began listening repeatedly and fell deeper into her brilliant songwriting, honesty, and universal appeal.

“Mushaboom,” one of several highlights, is a stellar, encouraging record about the all-too-real challenge of going towards your wildest dreams while mundane reality keeps you wanting…and waiting. It’s a sing-a-long ready track that encourages me to keep my head up in all that I want to pursue, though the road has (and still is) hard.  This song is like a companion that appears in the middle of your journey that reminds you of why you started treading the path in the first place.

Let the Journey Be Wondrous…and Keep Going.

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