The Path: Excuses I Could've Made (Important Post!)

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In 2009, upon my college graduation, I had to make that necessary step of deciding my career, an occupation that would begin shaping my entire life path.  Soon after I received my Sociology diploma I decided, with only looking UP at how amazing I felt when I take photos and not DOWN at all the obstacles, that photography was the career I’d pursue.  A year later…I’ve become an international photographer with clients under my belt that others don’t acquire in 5 years in the profession.


The list below highlights true-story “setbacks” and “obstacles” that “threatened” my pursuits in this one-year span of following my dreams.  The responses, however, show me giving in to them.  Take a look:

  1. I don’t have a lot of money; getting all the equipment I need is impossible.
  2. I didn’t go to school for photography; I’m not qualified to shoot this.
  3. I’ve only been doing this for a year; no one will take me seriously.
  4. All I have is an inexpensive amateur-level camera and lens;  I can’t possibly do paid gigs with this.
  5. I don’t have my own personal computer- my desktop crashed  2 years ago; I can’t do photography without my own computer.
  6. Moreover, I don’t personally own Photoshop software; I can’t possibly get what I need done.
  7. Every single photographer has a $4,000+ professional system…all I have is a $700 one; I can’t shoot Fashion Week-  I’m going to look like such a novice.
  8. These potential event company clients I’ve researched are super-professional; I’m not going to call, they’ll probably find someone much more experienced.
  9. My budget is super-limited and, again, I don’t have my own personal laptop with Photoshop; forget going to London for London Fashion Week.
  10. This financial struggling is painful and taxing;  forget passion, I’m going to find a secure, comfortable full-time job and be wonderfully complacent.
  11. My MAJOR is in Sociology and never studied photography;  it may be a passion…but maybe it needs to stay a hobby.  I need to find a job that matches what I went to school for.
  12. I know you can’t please everyone and that goes for my inspirational blog idea as well; maybe it’s a bad idea.
  13. I’m only 22; who do I think I am thinking I’m qualified to write and speak on inspirational living?
  14. Most people in the world don’t take risks because of the fear of failure; I think they’re on to something…I should follow suit.

…I wonder how my life would’ve been RIGHT NOW with these beliefs coming out of college last year.  I don’t even want to think about it.  Yet, I know that people LIVE like this.

Here’s the deal: challenges and problems are INEVITABLE.  However, it is your RESPONSE to these challenges that matters; it is your RESPONSE that eithers put you in a place of success or a place of tragic loss of potential.

Does ANY of this sound like you?  Have you been making excuses and didn’t realize how destructive it truly is?  It happens to many so don’t feel discouraged.  The best time to remove an excusing mindset and start walking firmly to the direction you’ve dreamed about is NOW.

If you need some one-on-one motivation to remove some of those fears from your path, e-mail me at

I’m  passionate about your success and making sure your mindset is not stunting your promising potential.

The New Year is approaching…let’s make 2011 a Year of NO Excuses!

-Mister Levius

3 Comments on “The Path: Excuses I Could've Made (Important Post!)”

  1. Mister Levius:
    I love your site, especially your inspirational story. Your comments really hit home for a family member ( my granddaughter) who is a model. She went from one casting to another and began to feel discouraged. Then one day in May 2009 she booked a fashion show alongside her favorite model Chanel Iman. Chanel let her take a peek at her portfolio and told her not to give up. Well she didn’t give up and eventually booked NY Fashion Week SS/2011 with Farai Simoyi ( show # 7) . You took a beautiful photo of her on the runway. Love your work – Stay blessed

  2. wonderful someone who has belief and inspires . someone who takes no no`s for an answer lovely.xx much love live life.

  3. I can’t describe the emotions I got while reading this. All I can say Travis, is keep up the good work, keep sharing your stories, keep reaching for the stars!!!

    (and most of all don’t forget about us lowly people who aren’t going to be as famous as you! )

    Love you!!!!

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