The Path: 2011…Sky is the Limit {Only If You Say So}

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                    Image by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

There is something in the air…

Do you sense it too?  If you’re unsure, check the statuses of your friends on Facebook  and other social media sites.  Thirteen years ago it would’ve been enough to simply say “Happy New Year!”- but now everyone has their own spin of inspiration, wisdom, and ecnouragement attached to this upcoming period.  It’s evident that many don’t see this as another year…people are excited, and feel as if they are on the brink of something great in 2011.

Ha..people speak of the end of the world, when I feel humanity is actually starting to emerge in the right direction- using positive energy, a desire to live their best lives, a willingness to share uplifting words and experiences to others.  A higher collective consciousness perhaps?

  There is so much to say, so much I want to share, but Iwill keep this short: If you do feel 2011 is your year- RUN FOR IT.  Believe it and believe it wholeheartedly, and let no one deter or jinx the better you that is to emerge.  Personally, though I can truly say 2009 and 2010 were fantastic years, 2011 will be my TRUE year of greatness.  I fully believe everything that I’ve worked hard for, the challenges I’ve been through (and continuing to go through) will finally show its fruit and will show it abundantly.  

Readers, EXPECTANCY is what ushers your dreams and breakthroughs into reality.  So my charge for you is to EXPECT much, and GIVE much- giving as much of your Light and talents to your world so that the powers that be can truly honor your pursuits.

Cheers to a New Year…

Cheers to a New LIFE Ahead.

Live from London (and yes I am still here 😉 )-

Travis L.

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