The Path:'s 1st Anniversary! {Reflection}

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One year ago, on my birthdate, I launched my new blogsite to the Facebook and Twitter universe.  The very first post was about overcoming my own fear of my new project’s outcome, and daring for others to do the same in their endeavors in 2010.  I was unsure of whether it would fly or fail…so what’s the verdict?

  • With marketing limited to my personal Facebook profile (no fanpage), Twitter, and my e-mail signature, has received 14,000+ views.
  • My site was the vehicle for securing top interviews with people such as comedian Steve Harvey and fashion designer Rachel Roy.
  • I’ve received e-mails and messages from people, some I’ve never met, letting me know my site/work directly inspired them in someway…with some even changing their path with immediate advancement.

With these three reasons alone, it’s quite clear: everything I had hoped this website would be to the world, it has become. The most exciting part is that this is only the beginning: I intend to receive hundreds of thousands of webpage views…a month.  By Year Three.

Thank you thank you thank you to all who have supported my blogsite and photography work since January 7th 2010.  Once the smoke settles and things calm down (I’m going through a LOT of changes and challenges right now in London, more on that story soon) I will be even more transparent with what the life of a dreamer is like- including the uncomfortable components.  I must remind others, and myself at times, that though trials, challenges and pain are inevitable on the road less traveled, the pure passion and enthusiasm for what fulfills you will always soften the blow.

Here’s to another full year of excitement, expectation, and inspiring the world,

Travis Levius

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