GRAND FINALE- Oscar de la Renta/NYFW Experience: Show #17!

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All Images by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

Introducing: The Main Event of the New York Fashion Week season.

This was my last show to photograph for New York Fashion Week, and it surely ended with a BANG- the front row was nothing but fashion industry all-stars (Andre Leon Talley, Rachel Zoe, Franca Sozzani, Joe Zee & Robbie Myers, Patrick Demarchelier, etc) and the models lucky enough to walk the de la Renta show have been the face of many of the high fashion campaigns you see in magazines and billboards.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the recent ads for Gucci, Burberry, Dior, and Chanel…just for starters.  It was an exhilarating cap to an unforgettable journey- from college student, to pocket camera amateur, to Fashion Week photographer in one year.

What blows my mind the most is that it only gets bigger and better for me.  I intend to be a FORCE in the fashion industry…and going through the financial hell to get to my passion’s beckoning call has proved well worth it.

The Mister Levius Fashion Week Experience: Complete.

(or has is just begun?)


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8 Comments on “GRAND FINALE- Oscar de la Renta/NYFW Experience: Show #17!”

  1. All I can say is “WOW”, what a show to end Fashion Week SS/11. The De La Renta designs were breathtaking and as usual your photos are awesome and beautifully done. My granddaughters hope is to one day walk the runway for Oscar de la Renta. Your inspirational story gave her the courage to continue doing what she loves most. When she was about to throw in the towel she booked the Farai Simoyi show # 7 ss/11 last September. You took a beautiful photo of her walking the runway. She’s the model in the purple shrug.

    1. Thank you! I meant to say something when you mentioned it before but wow, I’m so humbled to have a part of your daughter’s push to success in the modelling industry. So glad what I’m doing IS making an impact- somehow, someway 😉

      Let’s cross the fingers that I make it to NY, London, AND Paris this month!

  2. Beautiful photos Travis! Wish you could be in atl on Mar 2 for our A&E networking night. We’ll have to catch you next time you’re back at Emory for one big showcase of your work!

    1. Thanks, Paul! I have no idea when I’d ever step back into Atlanta (life has me on some global tip right now!) but hopefully I’ll make a visit this year. I miss you man!

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