ADVENTURES! Where IS Mister Levius? Five Unbelievable Months in Two Posts (Part 1)

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(Are you ready for this?)

Very few of you know what’s happened to me in the last few months…many more only know bits and pieces.  And you won’t find any info about my recent situations on my website…until now.

So what DID happen after shooting my first Fashion Weeks?

After a successful landing and experience shooting London Fashion Week in September- I unexpectedly became stuck.  A diminished budget and a standby flight surprise changed my whole itinerary for what was meant to be 10 days… into five months.

Scared, overwhelmed, but not hopeless, I sought out help from people I knew when I visited London 2 years ago while studying abroad.  There were many “close calls” as far as transitioning, but I never went one day homeless.

When money would get dangerously low, I’d get a donation (or paid work!) at the right time.  Ever heard of the idea of “an ‘on-time’ God”?  Well, I surely understood it in a whole new light.

Besides the super-stressful money and accommodation issues, I began establishing myself in the city I fell in love with three years ago- the networking, the making of amazing new friends, the photo opps, etc.  I was having the time of my life and didn’t need a lot of money to do so.  I’ve grown to love London even more and want to continue building my brand there.

All I had in those five months were 10 day’s worth of clothing and luggage (2 bags)- it showed me how little you really need to live off of to be content.

During the first few months, I really set out to try and do all I can to get back to New York by mid-December…and finally get some stability back in my life.  But as of December 2nd, something was “tugging” inside of me to stay.  A little afraid, I searched for answers by quieting my mind- should I stay or should I go?  I trusted what my intuition said and decided to stay- and freakishly had a lot of peace.

Ignoring the circumstances, I still set out to do what I had planned to do: shoot my second season of New York and London Fashion Week, and shoot the ultimate fashion week- Paris.  All three seasons occur in February and March of this year.

I really wanted to win a photography competition that seemed quite perfect for me- winner gets flown in to NY, accommodation taken care of, and gets to be side-by-side with fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone and her People’s Revolution team for New York Fashion Week.  I’d seem made for that competition…but found out I didn’t win.  I was super-distraught and super-defeated.  I just didn’t know when all of this pain and longsuffering for my dreams would end.  I didn’t have any other plan to get to NY for Fashion Week, though I knew I needed to be there.

When the winner was announced on February 4th, I only had about a week to think of a way to get to NY with a super-limited budget, if I decided I wanted to go.  Initially, I thought it was over.  But somehow I got the courage to try and make a way.  I knew the Fashion Week season this time would be my goldmine…that’s when I started to try and make a way.

Hold on to your desktop chair (or cell phone/iPad grip) and wait for Part Two to see how the plot thickens.

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