ADVENTURES! My (Very) First Fashion Editorial

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                         Images by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

I’ve learned firsthand this Spring that a challenge is the best way to grow- and equip one for more gratifying opportunities.  When I was approached by the Fashion Editor of Obvious Magazine, a respected online fashion/lifestyle publication, I was at once honored…and quietly intimidated.  He deemed my vision of the runway and Fashion Week coverage in London and NY good enough for an 8-page spread in the magazine.  I’ve never done a fashion shoot before.  Not even a “test.”  It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I found out on the-model-to-shoot’s Facebook page that it would also be the cover of the magazine.  Most people may not know that you can be fantastic at one photographic subject- but flounder at another.  I’ve never even had an opportunity to fail in a fashion shoot, let alone shoot a published one!  But I took on the challenge- as I’ve taken on every opportunity that seemed larger than me- and now I may be embarking on a photographic path that might lead me to the success I’ve dreamed of.

(^ Love this one!)

View MORE of my first fashion featured AFTER THE JUMP

What you see is a handsome, professional model in the outdoor elements for a theme in American patriotism & honor.  What you didn’t see was the absolute hell and setbacks we went through to produce the photo feature.  Question: How do you make a glorious shoot that is supposed to emulate summer and beach- in wintry, stark Central Park?  That’s what I was faced with when the Creative Director re-assigned the team’s location from a beach- to a lifeless Park.  It was a fairly chilly March in New York, no trees at all in bloom, and when we checked the weather to see a Partly Cloudy/Mostly Sunny date for our shoot (Perfect!) we were fooled when we arrived to super-cloudy, colder than expected weather (Darn!).  All of this with no sophisticated equipment- no expensive lenses, no lighting gear- just me, my camera, and a reflector.   And- if I need to reiterate- it was my first time shooting…so much for an easy start!  But we all pulled through, and it turned into a photo spread that I am certainly proud of.

AND…last but not least, the COVER shot of the magazine:


A special thanks to Douglas Hickman, Cavier Coleman, Wayman Bannerman, Pratik Naik, Jerris Madison, and Victor Maldonado for being apart of this important time in my aspiring career.

-Hope you’re inspired!-


Travis Levius

5 Comments on “ADVENTURES! My (Very) First Fashion Editorial”

  1. As always, I am inspired by you, your work, and your ability to make overcoming ridiculous obstacles look like a cake walk. Keep it up!

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