Stuff Successful People Like: "Rich Like Them" by Ryan D'Agostino

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Pursuing success, for some, does not particularly require pursuing wealth.  For those that do desire to acquire wealth (such as myself), it is always good practice to research the profiles of people who became wealthy and understand their lifestyle practice.

 Ryan D’Agostino’s book “Rich Like Them” is a fascinating read on the lives and lessons of the rich for two distinct reasons.  For starters, the former senior editor of Money data-gathering method in the book is nothing short of amusing and ballsy- literally going door-to-door unsolicited amongst America’s priciest zip codes to interview wealthy people.  The other reason lies in the insightful responses and inspiring stories of the willing subjects (many of which were self-made millionaires), and if we were to diligent apply the principles and advice given in the book, we would all be closer to our dreams of financial abundance.


A highly-recommended entertaining and informative read.

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