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While my website is getting its facelift, I want to share 3 major changes you will see over time:

A Brand New Focus: Travel

Sydney Aborginal Shot001

Inspiration is nice…inspiration and going global are even better.

I realized over the years how enriching it’s been to pursue and live an international life. Most merely wish to travel and don’t know how- or worse, mentally confer this privilege to the rich. While purpose and passion will always be a priority, I’m making more room to advocate the joys of the global-driven life.

 A Brand New Photography Path: Destination Weddings

WEDDING Lindsay & Franco_72dpi2

Consider me the Celebrity/Fashion Photographer Gone Bridal.

I’ve worn many hats since I touched my first DSLR 5 years ago and finally found my niche. I want to do work that is meaningful, dynamic and allows me to travel the world and meet fascinating people. Destination wedding photography provides this opportunity more than any other, and will remain my chief path for years to come.

A (Not-So) Brand New Purpose

Emory Arts Networking Night01

I have a secret I’ve kept for years that I’ll finally share today:

Photography is not my main career focus.

Yes, my from-pocket-camera-to-Fashion-Week-and-beyond-in-just-a-year journey proves my photographic talents…yes, I still love shooting and will use my story to continually inspire others.

But that’s the thing: I want to inspire people, period.

I want to be the one to advocate living a life of purpose. I want to teach others how to manifest what one wants out of life, whether it’s a dream career, more travels or removing those mental roadblocks that keep many trapped.

Therefore, I’ll be writing a lot more. I also intend to continue what I began doing this year: speaking engagements at schools and universities in hopes I can motivate others to see, dream and do.

Alas, is but a launching pad for the bigger picture.


To kick off my brand new direction, I’ll soon share my most recent dream come true- traveling on a new continent (Africa) and shooting an international destination wedding (in Lagos, Nigeria)- and all of the excitement, intrigue and challenges that came with it.

2014-6-12 Busola & Ola Traditional Ceremony052


Have you recently met an ambitious goal? How did you do it?

Feel free to share your experiences below, for we all benefit from a good testimony.


Welcome to your new portal of empowerment.







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