Nuptials in Nigeria [Part IV: Main Wedding Day!]// Adventures of a Destination Wedding Photographer

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“Nuptials in Nigeria” is a series of first accounts from American-turned-Londoner photographer and inspiration/travel writer Travis Levius.   This was his 1st time on the African continent to photograph an exciting 2-day destination wedding in Lagos, Nigeria. View his wedding portfolio at

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The grand finale of my African destination wedding adventure finally came June 12th.  My excitement on the evening before precluded the chance of a good night’s sleep, but I was still wired and ready to take on the luxurious and- at 800+ guests-  well-attended love celebration of Busola & Ola Saka.


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The couple did a “First Look,” a modern wedding trend where the bride and groom get to see and embrace one another- in full wedded regalia- before the ceremony.

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En route to the church!

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Reception Time!

The most intriguing aspect of Nigerian weddings is the incredible number of attendees at any given ceremony.  American wedding photographers like myself are used to seeing 150-200 guests…this particular wedding had an estimated count of 800 (wow!).  Many of my Nigerian friends said that even that amount is not that much by Nigerian standards.  It was clear that this wouldn’t be the typical ceremony- this would be a production
(a spectacular one at that!)

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_33

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_34

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MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_36

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MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_38

The reception featured a live band with 4 singers, a professional emcee engaging the crowd, and a jubilant march down the aisle from both sides of the family- all before the bride and groom appeared.

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_39

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_40

The Arrival!

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_41

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_42

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_43

After their exuberant entrance, they were challenged to a dance-off as the crowd cheered on.

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_44

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_45

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_46

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_47

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_48

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MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_53

Something I’ve never seen before: a cheeky game of “Guess the Bride!” where the groom has to locate his new wife amongst her bridesmaids- by their hair.  While blindfolded.

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_54

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_55

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MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_58

A fairytale wedding would not be complete without the First Dance!  John Legend’s “So High” provided the soundtrack.

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_59

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_60

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_61

Deep down…the wedded couple was just ready to party!  The DJ quickly put on an upbeat tune to get the celebrations going (which never stopped!)

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_62

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_63

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_64

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_65

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_66

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_67

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_68

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_69

MLcom NigeriaMainWedding_70

Giving my sincerest congratulations to Busola & Ola, and infinite thanks for their trust in my work documenting their destination wedding.

It will be an unforgettable experience for me as much it was for them, and I hope for many more worldly weddings to capture in the near future.

–Travis Levius


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