Bug-Eating in London, and Other Life Lessons

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I know…you probably think I’m nuts. I can just feel that smoldering energy of judgment piercing through your laptop/smartphone device.

Honestly, I’m not sure what came over me a few days ago, but when I saw a London listing for a pop-up insect tasting near St. Paul’s, I was thrilled to try something so crazy, so out there (and so far removed from my comfort zone).

But, I realized that this is exactly what I advocate on this travel/life blog: trying new things, challenging oneself, taking chances to live life beyond the ordinary.

Aptly titled “Pestaurant”, this free Rentokil pop-up shock shop went on a global tour this summer, giving city dwellers a chance to munch on cuisine that requires- erm- an acquired taste. On the menu: roasted/salt-and-pepper crickets, roasted Mexican spiced worms, roasted locusts, pork sliders with mealworms and- for the less ambitious- chili pigeon burgers.

I, being absolutely nuts, tried them all, along with a few of my equally bold and crazy friends in the city.


I did 3 taste-testing videos [below] so you can see how I fared. You’ll clearly see the roasted locusts weren’t my favorite of the bunch.

Though I needed plenty of juice and sweets to exterminate the aftertaste, I was so happy I did it. I faced a fear and did something out of the ordinary; now I have an interesting(ly gross) story to share at networking events and cocktail hours. 😉

Have you done something out of the ordinary recently? Faced a fear and now more courageous because of it? Share your experience below!

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