The Big Leap: 5 Reasons I Left the U.S. for London

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This new life chapter of mine is an insane one.

Earlier this summer I said “ciao” to the USA- my assigned birthplace- for London, UK, the truest home in my heart. People who know me know how infatuated I am with this city, lovestruck ever since I studied abroad here in 2008. I’ll save my reasons for why I love London, for that could result in a length tantamount to a Harry Potter read. But I will share the 5 reasons why I moved, what possessed me to do something so “crazy” and why I’m confident that everything will work out the way it should.

1. I choose life to be an adventure.

Life is that elusive entity given to all without much instruction, allowing each of us to interpret the design of our existence. It is a choice to believe that life is pure suffering…it is a choice to assume life is to tolerate an unsatisfactory career until you retire, “when happiness finally starts”.  I’m having none of it.  I’d rather see life as a journey full of adventure, wonder and tremendous possibilities.

2. There’s no better place to build my globetrotting writer/photographer & entrepreneurial career.

My intentions are to travel the world, share valuable content through these adventures to inform & inspire, continue my destination wedding photography and launch a travel tech startup business in the UK. I follow the philosophy “go wherever the flow of life leads you”, and London remains unmatched. If you continually find yourself at the right place meeting the right people at the right time and finding the right opportunities based on your intentions…that’s most likely where you belong. I’d rather not risk staying comfortable surrounded by 2nd best opportunities.


3. I need to walk the walk

I’ve dreamed, achieved and encouraged others to do the same over the last 4 years (which is why I started this website in 2010). I say:

“Get past your fears!”

“No excuses- Make it happen!”

“The world is yours if you want it to be!”

…and there I was, initially scared to death to pursue my own ultimate desire of moving overseas. Adventures are meant to provoke you, challenge you, dare you to push your limits. Isn’t it the teachers who experience the most challenging assignments before sharing their wisdom? It’s about time I attain further qualifications for advocating the passion-driven life.

4: A near-death experience last year taught me how futile “someday dreams” really are.

It’s difficult to stay the same after being in the hands of an in-motion driver suddenly under a diabetic coma, weaving in and out of traffic and stoplights unconsciously on a busy road. Is there really much to lose if I decide to chase my dreams now with this one life I’ve been given? None of us know our personal termination date, and I’d rather perish knowing I gave my dreams a chance.

5: I’m learning to trust my intuition

Some call it your “gut feeling” or your “inner spirit,” but I believe everyone is able to access guidance from within (living by intuition will be a major topic on my website). I have always desired to live in London, but it was only until last year that I had that nagging, internal “hunch” to finally make it happen this summer. I’ve learned over time the difference of acting upon a mere desire and acting upon your intuition, and adhering to the latter has never steered me wrong…no matter how crazy it might look.

So maybe I’ll make it in London…maybe I’ll run out of opportunities and return to the States. What matters most is that I can live in peace knowing that I quelled my fears attempting to live the life I want.



Have you made an equally huge jump in your life? Are there things you currently desire but feel it’s unlikely to happen? Share your thoughts, experiences and questions below!

3 Comments on “The Big Leap: 5 Reasons I Left the U.S. for London”

  1. So, can I ask you if you got a work permit in London? I’ve been pondering returning to that amazing city (I’m just as in love with it as you are), but I have noticed how difficult it is for us Americans to get a work visa. Possible, but very difficult!!! Any secrets you care to divulge?

  2. Randomly came across you while searching the web for quirky photographers! Yep I can’t sleep!
    I just wanted to say good on you, I’m the opposite, born in London, lived in Greece for a few years in my late teens, now live an hour out of London on the south coast of England right by the sea, but the dream is to move the U.S. … One day.
    Anyway loved reading this and love your work. Good luck with everything.
    If you’re ever down Chichester way or would like to shoot together some time pls do get in touch.

    1. thanks Nicci! It definitely takes time and a fight but if you open your eyes to opportunities, you can definitely make it to the States. Have you tried the Green Card Lottery? Will let you know if I’m in Chicester!

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