Bungee Jumping Taught Me This One Great Lesson

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/What falling from a 328 ft-high platform in Johannesburg, South Africa taught me about the right timing for courage/ by Travis Levius

“Ready? Alright, let’s go. Arms out…three, two, one!”

There I was, rushed to a ledge a few hundred feet in the air in Soweto by a group of local men, given no time to process that I’m about to nosedive towards the ground. Soon after they strapped my legs, I didn’t get the chance to look down and exhale before taking that frightening dip, or take the time to encourage myself…or to psyche myself out.

Breathless and afraid, there was no turning back after leaning away from the ledge. There was no thinking. I simply jumped, with desperate hopes the leg harness would keep me alive…

I shouted upon my descent, and, when the bungee snatched me from gravity’s death-inducing grasp, exclaimed expletives. I did it; I faced one of my lifetime fears, took the leap, and lived to tell about it.

The bungee staff’s “do it now” approach on that Orlando Towers platform caught me completely off guard, as I didn’t “feel” ready to jump…but the lesson, learned after the experience, was on me.

We’re not ever fully “ready” to take a step or a decision that scares us, yes?

And are there really any plus points delaying the leaps we know we must take?

Perhaps thinking long and hard about the frightening process isn’t as productive as we think. It’s a time waster. Whether you take those bold steps for your life in five days, or wait for another five years, the process will always be scary…initially. And on the other side of what scares us are the things we’ve always wished to gain, achieve, or conquer. Perhaps being thrust into facing our fears, whether on one’s own or by circumstances, is a better deal…for to delay the process is to delay the blessings.

Are you caught between what you really want and the guts it’ll take to get there?

Close your eyes. Let your horrified nerves have a moment. Then, ready or NOT, take courage…AND JUST JUMP.

Travis Levius is a globetrotting freelance  writer, photographer, London Editor for The Daily Meal, and founder of travel/inspiration blog MisterLevius.com

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