When My Travel Dreams Came Full-Circle

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Sometimes you have to stop, take a second, and look how far you’ve come on your journey.

Landing and going through Atlanta’s International Concourse (from London) was a full-circle moment for me…just wanted to share my super-quick testimony for anyone else with travel dreams.

(Pardon my rushed speaking, needed to catch the next airport shuttle!)

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Travis Levius is a globetrotting writer, photographer, and founder of travel/inspiration blog MisterLevius.com. After quitting his teaching job to pursue his dreams in London, he’s now a travel writer & editor for the likes of Yahoo! Travel, The Daily Meal, Business Insider, and BBC Travel.

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4 Comments on “When My Travel Dreams Came Full-Circle”

  1. Keep flying brother…looks like you’ve had some awesome travels with many more to come. From teaching to trekking the Amazon…it’s amazing the places life takes us sometimes!

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