Seeing My Writing Published on CNN Travel Feels Surreal

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After a week-long, refreshing press visit to two of Mexico’s Riviera Maya beach resorts, I was chasing my connecting flight (in vain) to Louisiana at Dallas-Forth Worth Int’l airport.

While in my upteenth line for the day, I hopped on the airport’s wifi and did a bit of browsing on my iPhone, and when I Googled my name (as a journalist should do to monitor one’s published stories), it showed up.

CNN Travel. “World’s Hottest Destinations for Vegans”…with my byline on it!!!

I’ve written many a freelance article for websites both small and large, but I’ve never seen one of my pieces go all-out viral. It was published in the USA and International editions and had nearly 2,000 shares. And with such a subjective list piece (from a non-vegan, mind you) one always run risk of pissing people off- Why isn’t Philly on there! How on earth could you forget Chiang Mai!- but the overall reception to the vegan piece has been overwhelmingly positive. Plus, I made a few cities, story sources and business owners very happy with this tremendous platform.     

Obviously, this feels wonderful. For the past year and a half I’ve been trying to figure a way to meld my interests in travel, writing and making a living with the two, and seeing my work published in one of the most preeminent media outlets (with good freelance pay!) affirmed I’m on the right track. These kind of writing clips open doors.

And so with that in mind, many aspiring writers/bloggers have reached out to me, even before this CNN Travel placement, asking how they too can break into travel writing, and I’m in the early stages to help people (maybe you?) do just that.  No, I don’t have 20 or even five years’ worth of travel writing experience, but I tell you this: combining grit, fast-learning and opportunity-spotting makes one hell of a field leveler.

If you “feel the call” to become a travel writer and seek insight from someone that has a very fresh take on this challenging industry, I’d love to help you. Provide your email here or at the bottom of the post and I’ll keep you in the loop for my upcoming products and services, including free eGuides, online courses and one-on-one coaching to help kickstart your dream career.


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