Following my dreams led me here.

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[Wellawaya, Sri Lanka, photo taken August 19th]


Three years ago, I had a hunch: quit my teaching job in Atlanta, move abroad to London (with nothing) by Summer ’14 and start my globetrotting writer/entrepreneur career.

It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t “logical.” And it sure was terrifying.

But that’s what makes following your dreams so wondrous and exciting. Your gut will never suggest taking the easy, mundane route towards success.

So I took a tremendous leap afraid…and it worked. It worked better than I could ever imagine. This image of me on a travel writing assignment (yes, it’s a real job!) in Sri Lanka best represents how far I’ve come in my journey, and the fruits of committing to my vision.

Want your next level?

It’ll require work.
It’ll require faith.
It’ll require strength.
It’ll require resolve.
It’ll require courage.

While not everything about my life is dream-like, that’s okay…this is the journey. If I died today without reaching my riches and other major goals, I can still rest happy knowing that I took the chance when my heart said it was time…and was still able to live out my wildest traveling dreams.

So, friends, establish that vision, and when you get the hunch to jump, FOLLOW IT…because everything you wanted is on the other side of fear.

-Travis L.


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Travis Levius is a globetrotting freelance writer, photographer and travelpreneur. After quitting his teaching job to pursue his jetsetting dreams in London, he’s now a travel writer & editor for the likes of CNN Travel, The Daily Meal, Business Insider and BBC Travel. He teaches others how to “take the leap” in Life, Travel and Pursuit of Happiness on his travel/inspiration website 

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2 Comments on “Following my dreams led me here.”

  1. Congratulations, Levius, I am so proud of you. Your comment about “the other side of fear” is good news for many, many reasons.

    Robert Lee, PhD
    Associate Dean
    Emory University School of Medicine

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