Travis Levius

If your organization is looking for a fresh, inspiring speaker on life, travel and the pursuit of happiness (and more), please do get in touch by filling the form at the end of the page or email me: info @

I’m a former assistant teacher turned globetrotting writer and speaker.

Not too long ago, I took a tremendous leap of faith with no money to follow my passion for travel and live abroad, and I’m now working a “dream job” as a London-based travel writer/journalist for the likes of CNN Travel, National Geographic Travel, BBC Travel and more. I’m flown everywhere from Argentina to The Maldives doing what I love, dispelling the myth that living your wildest dreams is only reserved for the lucky or super-rich. I now use my ongoing story and education background to teach and inspire others well beyond the classroom.


I’ve done keynote speeches and led seminars for grade schools, universities and organizations, covering everything from breaking into the media industry for university students; fun geography presentations for schoolchildren and finding clarity and courage for personal development groups. I also coach inspiring travel writers who too want to live a life of world travel and get paid for it.


-a thorough client assessment for effective, on-target presentations

-attention-grabbing visuals that will both entertain and inspire

-authentic storytelling and tried-and-true speaking techniques that will stick with your audience

-a customized, results-oriented presentation that increases your bottom line

-announcements on your event on my social media channels and other targeted outlets (when applicable)


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How to Travel/Travel Goals

The Joys of Travel

Traveling on the Cheap


Life as a Travel Writer

Breaking Into Travel Writing

Tools and Techniques for Experienced Travel Writers


Taking the Leap/Taking Courage

Finding Clarity

Identifying Your Talent & Purpose

Jumpstarting Your Journey


Finding & Pursuing Your Dream Job

Accelerate Your Career

Networking 101

Being Indispensable in the Workplace


Maximize Your College Years

Navigating the Big, Bad Real World



“It is encouraging to know that following your dreams is scary even for those who are living theirs…Travis’s message of overcoming fear so that you can be successful is something everyone needs to hear!”

–Meagan S., pharmacist

“Excellent presentation!!! I really appreciate how well organized and thought out the presentation was. It was compelling and interactive. There were great keys discussed that I believe I can act on immediately.”

–Crystal W., artist, motivation speaker and advocate,

“Travis’s ability to communicate the powerful choice to choose your dreams over your fears is a must-attend! His demonstrations really cemented the message and I’d go again if I could.”

–Delia G., reservations service specialist

“I would totally recommend this speaker for any event. He was very inspiring, professional and engaging. I felt empowered afterwards, so much so, that I started working on jump starting my dream using some of keys nuggets that he offered. Good stuff!” –Keisha L., motivator/screenwriter



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