Seeing My Writing Published on CNN Travel Feels Surreal


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After a week-long, refreshing press visit to two of Mexico’s Riviera Maya beach resorts, I was chasing my connecting flight (in vain) to Louisiana at Dallas-Forth Worth Int’l airport.

While in my upteenth line for the day, I hopped on the airport’s wifi and did a bit of browsing on my iPhone, and when I Googled my name (as a journalist should do to monitor one’s published stories), it showed up.

CNN Travel. “World’s Hottest Destinations for Vegans”…with my byline on it!!!

I’ve written many a freelance article for websites both small and large, but I’ve never seen one of my pieces go all-out viral. It was published in the USA and International editions and had nearly 2,000 shares. And with such a subjective list piece (from a non-vegan, mind you) one always run risk of pissing people off- Why isn’t Philly on there! How on earth could you forget Chiang Mai!- but the overall reception to the vegan piece has been overwhelmingly positive. Plus, I made a few cities, story sources and business owners very happy with this tremendous platform.     

Obviously, this feels wonderful. For the past year and a half I’ve been trying to figure a way to meld my interests in travel, writing and making a living with the two, and seeing my work published in one of the most preeminent media outlets (with good freelance pay!) affirmed I’m on the right track. These kind of writing clips open doors.

And so with that in mind, many aspiring writers/bloggers have reached out to me, even before this CNN Travel placement, asking how they too can break into travel writing, and I’m in the early stages to help people (maybe you?) do just that.  No, I don’t have 20 or even five years’ worth of travel writing experience, but I tell you this: combining grit, fast-learning and opportunity-spotting makes one hell of a field leveler.

If you “feel the call” to become a travel writer and seek insight from someone that has a very fresh take on this challenging industry, I’d love to help you. Provide your email here or at the bottom of the post and I’ll keep you in the loop for my upcoming products and services, including free eGuides, online courses and one-on-one coaching to help kickstart your dream career.


Mister Levius Goes to PERU!

peru travel adventure travis levius travel writer

Sometimes I feel like my life this past year has been one big Grand Prize.

I had dreams of traveling the world in a big way (none of that penny-pinching, backpacker stuff) and thought I’d need to hit the lottery jackpot in order to do so.

Silly of me to forget that Life offers plenty more possibilities beyond our own limited intelligence.

Life pointed me to a career that perfectly combines my passion (travel) with my gift (writing), and now I can cross off “cruising and trekking the Amazon Rainforest region” off my bucket list.

Dreams can surely come true if you:

1. State Your Intention
2. BELIEVE in Your Intention
3. Let Go of the “How”

I am NOT lucky…I just know a thing or two about how achieve epic living, which I’d be more than happy to share 😉

You should definitely keep up on all my Peruvian shenanigans on my social media channels from my EPIC two-part trip! The Amazon cruise was only the beginning…


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When My Travel Dreams Came Full-Circle

Sometimes you have to stop, take a second, and look how far you’ve come on your journey.

Landing and going through Atlanta’s International Concourse (from London) was a full-circle moment for me…just wanted to share my super-quick testimony for anyone else with travel dreams.

(Pardon my rushed speaking, needed to catch the next airport shuttle!)

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This Website Can Help You Find Your Dream (Temp) Job Abroad

work travel digital nomad global startup business success

If you’ve been daydreaming of leaving your home country to live/travel in far-flung destinations AND make money, you might want to add to your bookmarks.

This neat job search site posts temporary startup positions open to international applicants- work a year in Barcelona as a software developer, join a copywriting team in Thailand, or manage the marketing wing of a Hong Kong-based startup.

The majority of available jobs are skewed to developers and techies, but you’ll find Continue reading

A Travel Tip You Don’t Normally Hear

Contrary to popular ways, manifesting more travel does *not* begin with a budgeting system or searching for cheap flights.

It begins with your mindset.

Life tends to meet us at our attitude…and I can g-u-a-r-a-n-t-e-e you cannot “doubt” or “complain” your way into more travels.

Instead of focusing on your lack, start cultivating a positive attitude towards your travel wishes, and watch how great ideas, strategies and opportunities to jetset open to you over time.


Travis Levius is a globetrotting freelance  writer, photographer, London Editor for The Daily Meal, and founder of travel/inspiration blog

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Bungee Jumping Taught Me This One Great Lesson


/What falling from a 328 ft-high platform in Johannesburg, South Africa taught me about the right timing for courage/ by Travis Levius

“Ready? Alright, let’s go. Arms out…three, two, one!”

There I was, rushed to a ledge a few hundred feet in the air in Soweto by a group of local men, given no time to process that I’m about to nosedive towards the ground. Soon after they strapped my legs, I didn’t get the chance to look down and exhale before taking that frightening dip, or take the time to encourage myself…or to psyche myself out.

Breathless and afraid, there was no turning back after leaning away from the ledge. There was no thinking. I simply jumped, with desperate hopes the leg harness would keep me alive…

I shouted upon my descent, and, when the bungee snatched me from gravity’s death-inducing grasp, exclaimed expletives. I did it; I faced one of my lifetime fears, took the leap, and lived to tell about it.

The bungee staff’s “do it now” approach on that Orlando Towers platform caught me completely off guard, as I didn’t “feel” ready to jump…but the lesson, learned after the experience, was on me.

We’re not ever fully “ready” to take a step or a decision that scares us, yes?

And are there really any plus points delaying the leaps we know we must take?

Perhaps thinking long and hard about the frightening process isn’t as productive as Continue reading

How Visualization Helped Make Me a Jetsetter


It wasn’t always like this for me.

I used to yearn for more international travel, only being able to scrounge up enough for a trip abroad about every two years. Over the last few years, I’ve harnessed the power- or strategy, if you will- of visualization, imagining that what I want I already have.

In Summer 2013, en route to a couple domestic U.S. flights from Atlanta, I did something a bit more radical than my usual techniques. I bypassed the concourse where I’d need to board my domestic flights and went straight to the International Concourse instead. I walked along the terminal, mesmerized by all the long-haul flights headed to exotic destinations and bucket list cities, imagining with confidence that I’d soon be boarding with the others…and frequently. I imagined myself as a globetrotter. A jetsetter. One time, I even sat at the boarding gate area with actual passengers waiting to board their plane to Tokyo, envisioning I was next.

I understood that feeling good about what I wanted to manifest in my life was exponentially more productive than complaining, and the “how” would surely show itself when it’s time. Once I got my immersive visual fix, I headed to my proper domestic flight in high spirits, having set my intention, *feeling* it, and letting life handle the rest.

Fast-forward to today. What was once every two years is now practically permanent. I’ve laid a tremendous foundation in the foreign city of my dreams. I discovered a career in said city that melds my passion for writing, travel, and informing/inspiring others, and I’m quickly losing passport space because of it. I have to pinch myself constantly as I’m in awe of these tremendous blessings, and it’s only the beginning.

This is NOT from Luck. This is from Goal-Setting.

Friends, don’t underestimate the power of Vision.

-Travis Levius

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