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Proverbs: Conan O’Brien

“Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get.  But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen” –Conan O’Brien, during his final episode of the “Tonight Show.” …with my… Read More

ADVENTURES! Meeting Michael Gates Gill: Inspirational National Best-Selling Author

I promise I will start writing about my amazing back stories– which was one of the main reasons for the website altogether.  So far I’ve put video, music, photos, and present observations into the site without one personal… Read More

Photo of the Day (January 22, 2010)

(taken by Travis Levius) Fall Season at Emory University’s Backyard

Video: Monique WON at Age 14 (Press Room Video)

It may sound strange for me to say, but Monique did NOT win the Golden Globes this week on telecast.   She actually won decades ago, but no one knew but she and her husband. How so?  The… Read More

Higher Sounds: Amy Winehouse- Brother

I’m convinced that 99.5% of Amy Winehouse‘s lyrical content is about some misfortune, regret, or pain.  There are tons of underrated Winehouse songs I’d like to feature on the blog, because musically they’re awesome, but they’re all so… Read More

The Path: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Beyond a “Day Off”

(photo taken by Travis Levius) Over the years, I’ve been guilty of ignoring the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Most would admit along with me that for the most part, it’s been just “a day off”… Read More

Achievers: Meet Bettina Boateng, Anchor for NBC 13 HD News (Exclusive Interview)

“I was supposed to be a doctor… so what am I doing talking into a camera?” Have you ever had friends or family push you into a certain career, though it wasn’t your own passion? NBC News Anchor… Read More