Higher Sounds: Washed Out- Feel It All Around (Video)

So here, in Atlanta, is ridiculously cold right now!  I checked Weather.com a few hours ago to see New York and Atlanta with exact matching temperatures (°26F).   This song, which happens to be one of my top favorites in 2009, pulls me out of my present misery and takes me to a sunny oasis somewhere on the West Coast.

Washed Out (real name Ernest Greene) may happen to be the hottest thing Georgia has seen in a while (along with faves Brittany Bosco and Danny!…more on them soon!).  Thanks to hipster music’s online bible Pitchfork.com for putting me on.  This is simple, muffled dreamy synth-pop that compels you to smile and dream of whatever version of heaven on earth you may think of.  Here’s a fan-made video to complement the amazing music.  Definitely check his other songs, all fantastic and 80’s-esque as well:

Washed Out: Belong

Washed Out: You’ll See It

And please…comment below!


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