The Intro: Fear is Overrated in 2010

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Photo by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

Do you sometimes feel the hardest part of a project or business is the beginning?  You’ve had the ideas rummage through your head, you’ve scribbled down rough plans on sticky notes, and lost maybe an average of 90 minutes of sleep per night thinking about the possibilities. The excitement of lofty goals being actualized keeps your drive high and strong.  And then that day comes when you have to execute what you’ve planned.  That’s when that gung-ho spirit is hit with feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and fear.  Wait, am I really ready?  I don’t know how to start.  How will people respond to my project?  Am I missing something?  I don’t want to fail.  I think I’m feeling overwhelmed.  AM I REALLY READY?!

Fear, as I’m experiencing right now, is extremely annoying.  It’s an internal response that confounds all of the passion, motivation, confidence, and certainty of purpose packed in one’s spirit.  Some people let fear consume them to the point of purposelessness.  Fear deceives, making some believe that external factors such as people, time, opportunities, and competition is the reason to not move forward.  Since fear is 100% internal, it makes total sense when the wise proclaim “The only thing stopping you…is you.”  The thought of hampering my own success is so disturbing that it is simply out of the question.

Many great leaders have a remedy for handling fear, and it’s NOT letting it go completely away before you act, for it seldom does.  Their answer is to do everything in spite of fear; harness it and go for your passions regardless.

And so I am.  Here is my first entry, having asked myself all of the fearful questions above, and here is my blog, which is a sum product of my passions- Photography, Music, and Following One’s Dreams (please read the “About” section for more info).  I’ve created a space for people to entertain their God-given dreams, to hear the many pieces of my ongoing story, and discover extraordinary people, projects, and art.  This blog is not meant for me, but meant to be for us, as a collective, helping one another achieve the best life possible and never forgetting to pay it forward.

Am I uncertain exactly how this blog is going to unfold?  Yes.  Is there a possibility of this blog failing?  Possibly.  But does being true to who you are, what you can contribute, and your personal vision make it worthy to attempt…even with a little bit of fear?  Absolutely.  And I hope that with me, you can harness any fears you may have which may be stopping you from achieving the happiness you long for.  Let us all make 2010 a year of unshakable purpose and give that “fear monster” a swift kick in the glutes.

Welcome to the blog.


Travis Levius

6 Comments on “The Intro: Fear is Overrated in 2010”

  1. Awesome Travis! Just Awesome!
    Loving the inspiration and heart put into this!
    Question: What kind of camera are you using nowadays?

  2. Awesome! An SLR. Congrats!
    Sometimes I really wish could just get away to some remote Island. Sleep and take lots of pictures!
    But hey, why not live vicariously through a pro I know?!

  3. What an awesome image you were able to capture and a well-written, and honest first entry. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

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