Higher Sounds: Amy Winehouse- Brother

I’m convinced that 99.5% of Amy Winehouse‘s lyrical content is about some misfortune, regret, or pain.  There are tons of underrated Winehouse songs I’d like to feature on the blog, because musically they’re awesome, but they’re all so darn depressing!  Don’t believe me?  Listen to the (amazing) Back to Black album- none of them were cheery songs.  Nothing but Addiction, Denial, Tons of Heartache, Regret, and Lonliness…and the only fun song on the album (“Me & Mr. Jones”) was about Disappointment!

So you can imagine how surprised I was today when I listened to the under-the-radar tune “Brother.”

Absent were the forlorn tales of bitterness, misbehavior, and misfortune that brought Winehouse to heightened fame: for the first time I’m listening to a musician with wisdom and a wholesome message.  The throwback, neosoul-tinged track has a structure much like The Roots’ musical ode to then codeine-abusing member Malik B called “Water”in 2002’s Phrenology. Winehouse gently but firmly admonishes a loved one (her actual older brother Alex) in hopes he changes his wayward habits.    Though the content is different from the troubled chanteuse, her sharp lyrics and authenticity is 100% intact.   Here’s hoping that she finds that peace in herself to make heartfelt music like this again.

I’ve  included the song’s moving lyrics below:


There’s so much that I could never say to your face
But by now
You should know the world and all its ways
So find your place

How do I find words that do not condescend
When she bore you before me
Cause she doesn’t need a child she needs a friend
A son, not a sob story

Now you must look out for her the way she did for you
And your priority, it must be her
Now you must look out for her the way she did for you
Cause we’ll never be the way we were

She can’t always be there just to hold you down
Our mother
When you are at an age now where life turns around,
My brother

Realize that you don’t have to answer to no man
Responsibility comes down to you
But how can I expect you to understand
When you live life like you’re so run through

Now you must look out for her the way she did for you
And your priority, it must be her
Now you must look out for her the way she did for you
Cause we’ll never be the way we were

The way we were
We’ll never be
And your priority,
It must be her


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tay says:

    Brother is my favorite Amy song. She certainly says a mouthful with the lyrics. Of all of her songs Brother means the most to me. Every single one of the lyrics hit home for me. It’s no wonder she lost her way. It takes more than a special type of soul to express such heavy thoughts and emotions. With Winehouse she does it over and over again in many of her songs. I truly hope she can do a 180 and tread a more positive track for herself. And if she dosen’t, I’ll always have “Brother”.


  2. misterlevius says:

    Thank you for the comment! That’s great that it has such an impact on you (remember when music used to do that?) 😉 I hope you check back to the website regularly!


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