M I S T E R  L E V I U S

Excursions: Counter-Rally to Westboro Baptist Church at Emory Univ. (April 17, 2010)

All photos taken by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved. The suckers never showed up. The notorious Westboro Baptist Church, known for years as the “All f-gs are going to Hell” congregation who have no problem condemning homosexuals at… Read More

Proverbs: Langston Hughes

Image by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes

Achievers: Meet David Cohen of Equation Arts {Exclusive Interview}

(Photos taken by Travis Levius) “There was a time in my life where I thought all I’d be doing would be teaching, painting, and drawing- life takes you in different turns.  I love what I’m doing now, but… Read More

Higher Sounds: Coldplay- Strawberry Swinger

This is what world-changing, spirit-lifting music sounds like. (Accompanied by an IN-CREDIBLE video.)

Photo of the Day: April 16, 2010

Photo taken by Travis Levius I was shooting for the National Center for Global Engagement’s Campaign at The W Hotel, and I caught the “interior bug” before the crowd arrived.

Special: The 1-Year Anniversary of Finding My Passion! (April 9, 2010)

Photos taken by Travis Levius April 9, 2010 marks the 365th day of the pursuit of one of my largest passions- PHOTOGRAPHY! Exactly one year ago, with a digital pocket camera in my hand and no technical knowledge… Read More

Video: If You Could Achieve One Goal in 24 Hours…

Motivational speaker Brian Tracy offers terse but potentially life-changing instructions to get you where you want to be.