Excursions- The Prequel: Jeffrey Fashion Cares, Atlanta, GA

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All images by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved.

What better way to celebrate my move to New York City and Fashion Week pursuits than shooting Atlanta’s most exclusive fashion show event the night before (featuring Proenza Schouler)?

Attending this event was truly a full circle moment: a year ago I would’ve been timid and insecure because of my age and “visibility” in the high-end circle.  Now, I’m on first-name basis with many of them.  Time flies when you’re making a name for yourself in a given industry.


This is a prequel for what is to come.  From Pocket Camera in April 2009 to New York Fashion Week in One Year.

Readers, I encourage you to live a life of no limits.  Make the first step and God will surely honor your pursuits.

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