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NEW YORK Fashion Week- My Photo + Illustration Collaboration for Angel Sanchez S/S ’11

All images by Mengjie Di and Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved. In this journey to success it’s about who you know…and I happen to know the head designer for accomplished womenswear/bridal designer line Angel Sanchez.  She requested my… Read More

Higher Sounds: Feist- Mushaboom

I admit my late-comer ways to one of music’s most refreshing artists to come recently.  I was introduced to Feist’s music by a good friend in 2009, listening to her first album “Let it Die” (2005) in its… Read More

The Path: Why I Do What I Do

A MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM M. BLAU, ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC WRITER Hey Travis, I can’t help but message you after constantly seeing all your great work since I met you… it probably seems like a long time ago considering where you… Read More

NEW YORK Fashion Week- Show No. 16! Angel Sanchez (September 16th)

Images by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved. Congratulations to talented young fashion designer Maken Imcha, whom I had the utmost pleasure meeting at the senior fashion collection presentation at Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta earlier this year…. Read More

Video: Michael Jordan, Product of Failure

No one, not ONE (including one of sports’ most iconic figures), is exempt from the inevitability of failure…of disappointment…of error- in pursuit of success.  Fear of failure: could this be the Achilles’ Heel to the majority of humanity?

NEW YORK Fashion Week- Show #15! Issac Mizrahi (September 16th)

Images by Travis Levius.  All Rights Reserved. Not many fashion designers can claim legendary status like Issac Mizrahi.  I was overwhelmed with glee when my client secured the media credential for this New York Fashion Week staple.  For… Read More

Stuff Successful People Like: “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

The Book that Changed my Life (and Potentially Yours, Too)  I read this classic, all-time best-selling, 60-page short essay collection penned by James Allen at the beginning of my career- er, journey- Summer 2009.  I didn’t read it… Read More