Stuff Successful People Like: “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen

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The Book that Changed my Life (and Potentially Yours, Too)

 I read this classic, all-time best-selling, 60-page short essay collection penned by James Allen at the beginning of my career- er, journey- Summer 2009.  I didn’t read it for the purpose of being a better photographer; like everyone, I’ve experienced life’s ups and downs.  I wanted to read this book because, confirmed by the millions who have sung its praises for more than 100 years, I wanted to ensure a positive, peaceful, and clear path over my life.

It’s working.

I wholeheartedly urge everyone who may be reading this post to purchase a copy, borrow the book from one’s nearest library, or ask a friend who is lucky to own it and let him or her lend it to you.  This book will show you just how much power YOU have over the outcomes in your life, good and bad, just by the way you think.  Consider it the predecessor to the literary phenomenon (and rightfully so) “The Secret”…just less mystical and much more straightforward.  You’d be quite surprised how relevant and 100% readable this book is nearly 110 years later.

The message and the charge from gifted writer James Allen is very simple, but the outcome of applying its content in your life is guaranteed to be nothing less than tremendous.  Take it from me.

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