Video: The Wisdom of Will Smith

Aside from being a hilarious and talented entertainer, Will Smith has a tremendous desire for others to live greater lives.  It’s funny how people anticipate “money shot” Q&A from celebrities about who they’re dating, what they’re driving, etc.  In this montage of several interviews, it’s clear that Mr. Smith has been past the trivial rubbish for a while… and has been generously providing viewers with meaningful content about secrets to success for years.

It is wonderful to see an uber-successful celebrity using fame to inspire millions of others- because in the end it’s all about paying it forward to others.

One of the quoted highlights of the video:

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.  What’s the point of being realistic?  It’s unrealistic to walk into a room and flip a switch, and lights come on.  That’s unrealistic. Fortunately, Edison didn’t think so.  It’s unrealistic to think you’re gonna bend a piece of metal, and fly people over the ocean, in that metal.  That’s unrealistic!  But fortunately, the Wright brothers and others didn’t believe that.  And it just seems like such a ridiculous- ridiculous- idea to me, to embrace the idea that ‘It’s not gonna happen’ and ‘That’s not real‘…as SOON as you say it, now you’ve just made that real.”


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  1. NilePrincess says:

    I LOVE Will Smith so much. And it’s for things like this that I love him. He is so well-rounded. And it’s not often for someone to be a Hollywood superstar and for people to say that they are “inspirational.” Will really is just that way 🙂


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