I’m Baaaaack.

Hello, again

(How do you reconnect with your love after leaving abruptly for two years??)

Gather all the typical excuses of a deserted blog—

Life is getting in the way…

It is so time-consuming…

There’s nothing happening worth posting…

It didn’t take off the way I wanted it to…

…and you’d be correct about my own plight.

I stepped away from my public portal of inspiration and began searching for my next steps.

How can I maximize my purpose in this world? What are these ongoing lessons trying to show me?

I’ve been vigorously penning (er, typing) my inner and outer journeys for my own viewing purposes ever since. While my private entries have helped me tremendously, I could not help but feel a little selfish keeping it all to myself.

Now, with a sharper vision, a new angle and plenty of experiences and insights, I’m re-introducing MisterLevius.com to the world.


I’m doing this new thing where I begin putting myself out there, even when I don’t feel “ready”; therefore, the changes to the site will be gradual. What’s changing, you say? Make sure you return and view tomorrow’s post to find out.

Just know it’ll be grand 😉

If you’ve never seen this site before, I welcome you. If you’ve been a loyal reader since I started in 2010 (I’m looking at you Yasmeen!), please tap my hand for taking so long.

I’m on an exciting new leg of my journey…and I finally feel ready to bring others along for the ride.

Stay Tuned!

(p.s.: Do you like my brand-new website header?!)

SelfPortrait_DanaScruggs_BKBridge_1 2

–Travis Levius


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Header = simple + awesome
    Inspired living indeed. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


    1. misterlevius says:

      Thanks @theprofessionista. And that’s likewise for you too!


  2. Brandon says:

    Welcome back! I checked out the original site and I’m proud to see you continuously growing Travis. Bless!


    1. misterlevius says:

      Thanks, Brandon! It’s all about progression, right?


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