How Visualization Helped Make Me a Jetsetter

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It wasn’t always like this for me.

I used to yearn for more international travel, only being able to scrounge up enough for a trip abroad about every two years. Over the last few years, I’ve harnessed the power- or strategy, if you will- of visualization, imagining that what I want I already have.

In Summer 2013, en route to a couple domestic U.S. flights from Atlanta, I did something a bit more radical than my usual techniques. I bypassed the concourse where I’d need to board my domestic flights and went straight to the International Concourse instead. I walked along the terminal, mesmerized by all the long-haul flights headed to exotic destinations and bucket list cities, imagining with confidence that I’d soon be boarding with the others…and frequently. I imagined myself as a globetrotter. A jetsetter. One time, I even sat at the boarding gate area with actual passengers waiting to board their plane to Tokyo, envisioning I was next.

I understood that feeling good about what I wanted to manifest in my life was exponentially more productive than complaining, and the “how” would surely show itself when it’s time. Once I got my immersive visual fix, I headed to my proper domestic flight in high spirits, having set my intention, *feeling* it, and letting life handle the rest.

Fast-forward to today. What was once every two years is now practically permanent. I’ve laid a tremendous foundation in the foreign city of my dreams. I discovered a career in said city that melds my passion for writing, travel, and informing/inspiring others, and I’m quickly losing passport space because of it. I have to pinch myself constantly as I’m in awe of these tremendous blessings, and it’s only the beginning.

This is NOT from Luck. This is from Goal-Setting.

Friends, don’t underestimate the power of Vision.

-Travis Levius

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