When My Travel Dreams Came Full-Circle

Sometimes you have to stop, take a second, and look how far you’ve come on your journey.

Landing and going through Atlanta’s International Concourse (from London) was a full-circle moment for me…just wanted to share my super-quick testimony for anyone else with travel dreams.

(Pardon my rushed speaking, needed to catch the next airport shuttle!)

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Travis Levius is a globetrotting writer, photographer, and founder of travel/inspiration blog MisterLevius.com. After quitting his teaching job to pursue his dreams in London, he’s now a travel writer & editor for the likes of Yahoo! Travel, The Daily Meal, Business Insider, and BBC Travel.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats Travis, how exciting! I love your site and so excited to see where God takes you next. It was a pleasure meeting you at ALAS and I’m looking forward to staying connected.


    1. Aw thanks Christine! It’s all about progress, right? Hope to see you around again, and until then, I’ll be taking notes 😉 Best wishes!


  2. EG III says:

    Keep flying brother…looks like you’ve had some awesome travels with many more to come. From teaching to trekking the Amazon…it’s amazing the places life takes us sometimes!


    1. Thanks man- and yes, life’s a trip sometimes! Gotta love it.


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