Mister Levius Goes to PERU!

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Sometimes I feel like my life this past year has been one big Grand Prize.

I had dreams of traveling the world in a big way (none of that penny-pinching, backpacker stuff) and thought I’d need to hit the lottery jackpot in order to do so.

Silly of me to forget that Life offers plenty more possibilities beyond our own limited intelligence.

Life pointed me to a career that perfectly combines my passion (travel) with my gift (writing), and now I can cross off “cruising and trekking the Amazon Rainforest region” off my bucket list.

Dreams can surely come true if you:

1. State Your Intention
2. BELIEVE in Your Intention
3. Let Go of the “How”

I am NOT lucky…I just know a thing or two about how achieve epic living, which I’d be more than happy to share 😉

You should definitely keep up on all my Peruvian shenanigans on my social media channels from my EPIC two-part trip! The Amazon cruise was only the beginning…


Mister Levius/Travis Levius Jumping for Joy in the Jungle- Amazon Rainforest
Me Jumping for Joy in the Jungle/Peruvian Amazon

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Looking forward to taking you along for the ride.

Have you had dreams of going to the Amazon? Have you been there yourself?? Share in the comments!

Travis Levius is a globetrotting writer, photographer, and founder of travel/inspiration blog MisterLevius.com. After quitting his teaching job to pursue his dreams in London, he’s now a travel writer & editor for the likes of Yahoo! Travel, The Daily Meal, Business Insider, and BBC Travel.

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