Mister Levius Goes to: Sri Lanka!

Copy of Copy of M I S T E RL E V I U S

Another day, another “pinch myself” travel writing trip.

I was selected among a group of writers and bloggers to tour Sri Lanka earlier this month, documenting the sights, tastes and other exceptional qualities of this tiny Southeast Asia country.

I’ve yet to travel to Asia until I went on this trip- so now that make Continent #6 for me. Yay!

Sri Lanka’s a tremendously beautiful place- and a cheap one, too. From the postcard beaches and dramatic tea terraces to the friendly locals and lip-smacking curries, it’s now one of my all-time favorite journeys.

Taking haphazard selfies on the back of a tour jeep in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital

There’s a ton of pics and videos to share from my 10-day trip, if you want to catch all of my Sri Lankan shenanigans, follow me on:




Morning view at Hikkaduwa Beach

Stay tuned for a some exciting blog posts on my Asian adventures.

Have you been/ever wanted to go to Sri Lanka? Comment below!

Travis Levius is a globetrotting writer, photographer and travelpreneur. After quitting his teaching job to pursue his jetsetter dreams in London, he’s now a travel writer & editor for the likes of CNN Travel, The Daily Meal, Business Insider and BBC Travel. He teaches others how to “take the leap” in Life, Travel and Pursuit of Happiness on his travel/inspiration website MisterLevius.com. 

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