I’ve Launched My YouTube Channel…!!!!!!

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If you’re reading this and have enjoyed my travel/motivation content — and want more of it on video! — PLEASE SUBSCRIBE BELOW:


As I continue to learn professional video editing and management so I may churn out quality videos on Life, Travel & The Pursuit of Happiness, do browse my older videos on my YouTube channel when all I had was an iPhone 5C and could only edit videos on that tiny little phone screen 

I have so, so, so much to share with you all — destinations I’ve never shared online (because: procrastination), travel tips, lifehacks, tutorials, guides, experiences, rants, thoughts, the WHOLE shebang.

BUT TELL ME: Are there any specific topics/videos you’d like me to cover on travel, particular destinations, travel writing, pursuing your dreams, etc.? COMMENT BELOW and I might make a video based on your request!

And a special shout out to Luke Maximo Bell for the INSANE Cape Town drone footage (the video you see here is just a taste). Do check out his YouTube channel as well:


Looking forward to your video requests (and channel subscription!)


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